Roofing Services in Ft. Lauderdale

  • Re-Roofing Learn More 
    When your roof has a leak or any other roofing need, Paul Bange is the company to keep on top. We’ll identify the problem, make a professional recommendation, and make the most efficient use of your roofing budget. Whether you need a repair, replacement, beautification, or expansion our re-roofing systems come with some of the best warranties in the roofing industry.

  • Roof Repair Learn More

    A leaky roof is more than just a nuisance;roof leaks mean that water is invading your home or business. Long before you notice that tell tale spot on the wall or ceiling, water can cause rotting, mold, and permanent damage to your building.

  • Sky Lights Learn More

    SkyLights fill a room with natural light and fresh air and are invariably more beautiful, spacious and uplifting to your spirits. Daylight is the essential element that transforms conventional rooms into splendid spaces that add value and quality to your home and your life. An then there’s the breeze. Skylights and roof windows let you bring the best of the outdoors inside with you.

  • Corrective Maintenance Learn More

    When you have minor damage to your roof, ask about how our corrective maintenance services can help. We’ll fix your problem immediately before it becomes a big headache and help prevent any additional future damage.

  • Preventative Maintenance Learn More

    Did you know that 99% of all roof leaks occur at transitions or penetration points? These are places where the roof meets a wall or an adjacent roof, and where equipment such as air conditioning units, vents, railings, drains, and even satellite stands are secured.

  • Roof Analysis Learn More

    Any time throughout the year, particularly prior to hurricane season, smart business owners schedule a roof inspection to identify potential problem areas and hazards. The inspection professionals at Paul Bange Roofing can suggest a course of action that will help protect your roof from damage or devastation. Inspectors can also suggest ways to make your roof more energy efficient, which saves money on your power bills.